You will be applying your Sociological Imagination as you analyze, interpret, and apply the concepts of Social Status of your own life.

  • Provide a video narrative with images, video, voice, interviews, etc.
    • Your current ABSCRIBED STATUS
    • Your current ACHIEVED STATUS
    • Your current MASTER STATUS (if you feel you have one, and if not explain why not)
    • Also, where how each of these will look when you are at the age of 40. 
      • ​But, at age 40 you will also have to incorporate your predictions of the future of the culture and society you will be living in. Also, what your experiences you have had between now and then.
  • You are required to use the WeVideo program (to keep every project consistent) and will need to be registered with the West High Library as of Monday, April 17th.
  • You will be submitting the link to your finished video production to a Google Form on Google Classroom.
  • The attached rubric should be followed in order for you to include all of the information required and for you to present a quality production.
  • Extra Credit will be provided to extremely quality productions and for those students who will volunteer to have their productions shared with the class.

Follow the Rubric Carefully